BD1901 Motor Rotor Commutator Assembly Machine SolidWorks

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BD1901 motor rotor commutator assembly machine The rotor commutator includes a barrel-shaped insulating base, commutator and mica sheet, the commutator is fixed to the rotor through the inner hole of the barrel-shaped insulating base, the commutator is installed in the circumferential ring-shaped mounting slot on the outer circumference of the insulating base, and the mica sheet is installed between the adjacent commutator to play the role of insulation. During operation, the rotor commutator rotates with the rotor, and the connection between the commutator and the fixed brushes of each winding is changed, thus changing the current direction of each winding and ensuring the magnetic force direction of the rotor winding. The existing commutator insulation base ring mounting slot usually uses a dovetail slot, the bottom of the commutator is a dovetail, through the dovetail and dovetail slot to achieve the commutator axial two-way limit fixed and radial two-way limit fixed; mica sheet through the insulation base to achieve its axial two-way limit fixed and radial inward limit fixed, and two adjacent commutator through the beveled surface to achieve the radial outward limit fixed. In order to facilitate the installation of the commutator, the side wall of the insulating base dovetail groove is usually set up an opening, assembly, commutator, mica sheet are inserted into the dovetail groove along the axial direction through the opening, and then slide into place in the dovetail groove along the circumference, and finally closed the opening through a block to complete the assembly of the commutator. However, for the rotor commutator of high speed motors such as automobile starter motors, the rotational speed is high, generally above 20,000 rpm, and the dovetail slot structure is used to install the commutator, which is easy to cause the commutator to fly when rotating at high speed. This equipment has been used in Dr., Dongcheng and other well-known enterprises, which has improved the production efficiency and won the unanimous praise from customers. The drawing can be edited, and it is widely used in the industry.

Specification: BD1901 Motor Rotor Commutator Assembly Machine SolidWorks

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BD1901 Motor Rotor Commutator Assembly Machine SolidWorks
BD1901 Motor Rotor Commutator Assembly Machine SolidWorks
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