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Coconut picking machine is a device that combines the functions of tree climbing and picking in one, it mainly consists of three major parts: clamping mechanism, climbing mechanism and picking mechanism. The clamping mechanism plays the role of fixing the machine in the trunk of the tree, the inner side is equipped with two rows of sliding bars, the sliding bars are installed at a certain angle, which helps to reduce the resistance when climbing or turning. The climbing mechanism is equipped with four climbing rods, and one end of the climbing rod is equipped with a motor for driving, and the other end is equipped with a semicircular fastening device of electromagnet or ferromagnetic material, which controls the strength of the magnetism of the electromagnet by controlling the magnitude of the current, so that the ferromagnetic material is adsorbed and clamped to the trunk, and then the climbing rod is driven by the motor for climbing, which changes the traditional tree climbing robot’s way of climbing trees; in addition, considering that the trunks of trees In addition, considering the different sizes of tree trunks, a pressure plate with sensors is set on the inner side of the semicircular fastening device, which can further fasten the trunk and prevent slippage; the outer side of the semicircular fastening device is equipped with a sliding guide, which can realize the steering problem.

Specification: Coconut Picker 3D Model SolidWorks

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Coconut Picker 3D Model SolidWorks
Coconut Picker 3D Model SolidWorks
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