Coil 1320 Printing Machine SolidWorks, AutoCAD, 3D Exported


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It is suitable for the production of plate printing process of heavy steel coils. Frame structure: The frame and wall plate are made of 25 mm thick steel plate, which is precisely processed and annealed and tempered by imported large CNC milling machine, so that the assembly precision is higher, more stable and firm, and no deformation. Roller mechanism: The roller adopts imported PU rubber, the diameter of the roller is Φ250mm, the diameter of the light roller is Φ150mm, the surface of the roller is precision processed, fine and smooth. The rubber roller and light roller are equipped with fast mouth scraper and the angle is adjusted by worm gear reducer, so the paint is evenly applied and the paint surface is smoother. Both ends of the rubber rollers are equipped with seat bearings, which can be replaced quickly and reduce maintenance time. Conveyor belt rotating power is at the roller balanced by the center line of the rubber roller to improve the stability of conveying. Lifting mechanism: The lifting of the rubber roller set is manually fine-tuned, and the lifting of two sets of rubber rollers are each guided by four sets of imported precision linear guides and sliders without gaps, so there will be no shaking and swinging when coating, and high-speed and stable coating can be carried out. The thickness of different plates is easy to adjust. The lifting configuration cylinder locking device eliminates the gap error of the whole machine, and at the same time, there is an instantaneous lifting function for the misplaced thick plates, which effectively protects the damage of the rubber roller and makes the coating more even and delicate. Conveying mechanism: The conveying table adopts the structure of sanding machine table, which is more stable and more convenient to change the belt; the structure determines the design and installation of oil tank is reasonable and scientific, and the replacement and cleaning of oil tank is very convenient, and the paint and cleaning solvent will not fall on the belt when roller coating and cleaning. The conveyor belt is imported high-strength PU belt, using imported frequency conversion speed control device, running smoothly, resistant to various solvents, to prevent chemical corrosion and lead to layer phenomenon. Drive part: The rubber roller, light roller and conveyor belt are all driven by independent imported motors and controlled by independent imported frequency converter to achieve stepless speed regulation, which is conducive to improving the quality of coating and facilitating the operation of the equipment, and through the adjustment of different speeds, the amount of coating can be precisely controlled to achieve the best surface smoothness and saturation of the workpiece. Paint heating system and paint circulation: The use of paint drum heating system improves the stability of paint circulation and makes it easy to adjust the viscosity of solvent-free UV paint. The stainless steel two-layer barrel is filled with active oil and then heated by electric heating with temperature adjustment function, which can indirectly heat up the paint. Optional stirrer is available to stir the paint evenly. Painting system and maintenance: The oil tank is well designed, very easy to clean, no paint will fall on the conveying belt, and it is very easy to change the belt.

Specification: Coil 1320 Printing Machine SolidWorks, AutoCAD, 3D Exported

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Coil 1320 Printing Machine SolidWorks, AutoCAD, 3D Exported
Coil 1320 Printing Machine SolidWorks, AutoCAD, 3D Exported
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