Four-Wheeled Small Car Model SolidWorks


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Simply put, there is a front and rear differential linkage four-wheel drive car, because the engine power to the four tires, so all four wheels can be powered, ordinary two-wheel drive when one of the drive wheels slip, the other drive wheels will also lose power, then, the car can not drive, if the car is four-wheel drive, then the other two wheels can still play traction. Therefore, four-wheel drive off-road performance is superior, in the wild hills, mud, mud, desert can also cope with (of course, it also depends on the brand and quality of the car how), this unrelenting hard-core style has been the love of many fans.
Some owners bought a Jeep will be modified into a four-wheel drive vehicle, including elevated chassis (increased ground clearance of about 7 cm or more), adding a turbo (supercharged), shock springs (shock), winch (rescue), roof lights, luggage rack, etc., and the air intake pipe to the roof, to avoid a disaster when the water, so a “transformation”, off-road is more convenient. In the words of the player: “Jeeps are not modified to waste!”
Playing in the wild, no police no red lights no roads naturally very pleasant, but potholes in the road is a common thing, so choose a strong and durable, off-road performance of the car is quite important.

Specification: Four-Wheeled Small Car Model SolidWorks

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Four-Wheeled Small Car Model SolidWorks
Four-Wheeled Small Car Model SolidWorks
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