Gantry Palletizers SolidWorks, 3D Exported


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The robot palletizer can be integrated in any barrel water production line to provide intelligent, robotic, networked, barrel water palletizing logistics for the production site, widely used for barrel water filling products, etc. It is matched with automatic barrel filling lines, etc., to palletize all kinds of bottles. The automatic operation of palletizer is divided into steps of automatic barrel feeding, barrel turning, sub-rowing, pile forming, pile moving, pile lifting, palletizing, pile lowering and palletizing out.
Technical features of the palletiser.
-PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation.
-Adapts to various pallets and bottle types, easy to adjust.
-Multiple safety protection, with touch screen control.
-Adopt high quality conveyor chain to drive in sections, the output section can be extended at will.
-Motor, cylinder transmission and control all adopt imported brand-name components.
-Adopt 304 material as far as possible, the whole machine is beautiful and generous.
-Specially adapted to the code heat-shrinkable film packaging products. Its working principle when the barrel of water along the conveyor chain transported to the palletizer under the first trigger proximity switch 1, when there are four barrels of water is sent at the proximity switch 2, the front section to stop conveying palletizing mechanism began to work, palletizer robot holding force provided by two thin cylinders, its solenoid valve using five-position three-way medium seal type, to prevent power failure robot to lose holding force, robot movement along the y-axis controlled by a hybrid stepping torque motor, along the z-axis movement The power source is also a hybrid stepping torque motor with worm gear reducer, which can increase the torque to improve self-locking. In lifting palletizing with a counterweight block lifting can reduce the radial force of the motor. After clamping the barrel, the gantry will move along the y-axis to place the barrel on the pallet, and when a pallet is full, the pallet will be manually pulled down to the designated position by forklift for storage. This gantry type automatic palletizer and booster robot, automatic palletizer needs one person to put the board and one person to drag away with forklift, during which the machine should be turned off.

Specification: Gantry Palletizers SolidWorks, 3D Exported

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Gantry Palletizers SolidWorks, 3D Exported
Gantry Palletizers SolidWorks, 3D Exported
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