Horizontal Prestressed Pipe Pile Automatic Tensioning Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported

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Working Principle Introduction
The horizontal prestressed pipe pile automatic tensioning machine includes pipe pile die assembly, tensioning device and three-dimensional moving platform, pipe diameter detection device, displacement sensor device, tensioning device including butt locking device, parallel locking device, jack hydraulic cylinder and nut locking device. The three-dimensional moving platform adjusts the alignment of the tensioning device and the pipe pile die assembly by moving in X, Y and Z directions. The tensioning device is connected to the tensioning screw of the head plate of the pipe pile die by the docking and locking device, and the hydraulic cylinder body is tightened by the parallel nut device, and the pipe pile die is tensioned by the tensioning device and locked by the nut locking device, and the pipe diameter of the pipe pile die is detected by the pipe diameter detection device, and the lift value of the three-dimensional moving platform is detected by the displacement sensor device.
1 – pipe pile die assembly, 101 – pipe pile die, 102 – head plate 103 – locking nut, 104 – head plate tensioning screw, 105 – transport support, 2 – tensioning device, 201 – docking locking device, 20101 – docking nut, 20102 – limit switch, 20103 – docking nut stop lever, 20104 – docking motor, 20105 – docking bracket, 20106 – docking guide, 20107 – tie rod auxiliary hydraulic cylinder 20108-joint nut limit guide, 20109-tail guide bracket, 20110-optical rod guide, 20111-optical rod guide support, 20112-slip ring, 20113-slip ring bracket, 20114-displacement sensor, 20115-coupling, 20116-stroke switch, 20117-stroke switch bracket, 202-joint locking device 20201-joint motor, 20202-joint support disc, 20203-drive gear, 20204-rotor bearing, 20205-joint nut, 20206-driven gear, 203-jack hydraulic cylinder, 20301-jack tie rod, 20302-piston rod, 20303-cylinder body, 204-nut locking device, 20401-rotor bearing 20402-Locking head, 20403-Conical bevel, 20404-Drive gear, 20405-Passive tensioning spring, 20406-Locking base, 20407-Locking switch bracket, 20408-Locking switch, 20409-Locking switch block, 20410-Cylindrical guide support, 20411-Cylindrical guide rail, 20412-Linear cylindrical slider, 20413-Locking switch block slider, 20413-locking motor, 20414-follower gear, 205-tensioning bracket, 2051-front plate, 2052-rear plate, 2053-support rod, 3-dimensional mobile platform, 301-console, 302-hydraulic station, 303-lift trolley, 304-mobile base slide, 305-mobile base, 306-ground slide, 30301-steel wheel 30302-Steel wheel support, 30303-Lift trolley base, 30304-Cross bracket, 30305-Lift hydraulic cylinder, 30306-Center support shaft, 30307-Lift trolley top plate, 30308-Buffer spring, 30309-Bracket, 4-Pipe diameter detection device, 401-Top pulley, 402-Displacement sensor contact bar, 403-Pipe diameter detecting sleeve, 404-displacement sensor, 405-sensor fixing card, 406-sliding bar, 5-linear displacement sensor.

Specification: Horizontal Prestressed Pipe Pile Automatic Tensioning Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported

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Horizontal Prestressed Pipe Pile Automatic Tensioning Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported
Horizontal Prestressed Pipe Pile Automatic Tensioning Machine SolidWorks, 3D Exported
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