Laser Lettering Machine SolidWorks


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The laser welding word machine contains 3D mechanical design model, the model belongs to the product that has been successfully piloted, very suitable for engineers who need inspiration in this area of product design, but also for those who wish to enter this position of engineering staff, the equipment has a very good prospect, belongs to the cutting edge of high-end products, I hope that the network users like, the following is the relevant introduction. Laser welding word machine specializing in fine word welding, suitable for all kinds of advertising word production process, from the table, mechanical structure and even the adjustment of the light path and born, with welding word efficiency is fast, tin word firm, mirror steel not convex shadow and so on. Mainly used for all kinds of fine words, fine word, mirror word, sand steel word, titanium word, galvanized plate word, aluminum profile three-dimensional word, stainless steel mirror word, stainless steel brushed word, stainless steel spherical word, stainless steel flat word, stainless steel baked word, stainless steel spray word, stainless steel solid word, stainless steel plating word, stainless steel gold foil word, fine metal word, titanium flat word, titanium spherical word, fine titanium word, titanium plate word, Iron baking paint word (stainless steel belt, iron belt, low carbon steel belt, galvanized plate belt) and other advertising words and various metal signs LED metal word shell welding forming.

Specification: Laser Lettering Machine SolidWorks

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Laser Lettering Machine SolidWorks
Laser Lettering Machine SolidWorks
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