Machining Center Cnc Range 1500×1000 Model SolidWorks

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Machining center is developed from CNC milling machine. The major difference with CNC milling machine is that machining center has the ability to automatically exchange machining tools. By installing different tools for different purposes on the tool magazine, the machining tools on the spindle can be changed in one clamping by automatic tool changing device to realize multiple machining functions.
CNC machining center is composed of mechanical equipment and CNC system for the processing of complex parts of high efficiency automatic machine tools. CNC machining center is currently the world’s highest production, one of the most widely used CNC machine tools. Its comprehensive processing capability is strong, the workpiece can be completed after a clamping more processing content, processing accuracy is high, on the medium processing difficulty of the batch workpiece, its efficiency is 5 ~ 10 times the ordinary equipment, especially it can complete many ordinary equipment can not complete the processing, the shape is more complex, high precision requirements of single-piece processing or small and medium-lot multi-species production is more suitable. It concentrates the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads on one machine, making it have multiple process means. Machining centers are classified according to the spatial position of the spindle during machining: horizontal and vertical machining centers. According to the classification of process use, there are: boring and milling machining center, composite machining center. According to the special classification of function, there are: single table, double table and multi-table machining center. Single-axis, dual-axis, three-axis and interchangeable spindle box machining centers, etc.

Specification: Machining Center Cnc Range 1500×1000 Model SolidWorks

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Machining Center Cnc Range 1500×1000 Model SolidWorks
Machining Center Cnc Range 1500×1000 Model SolidWorks
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