Steel Wire Bending Machine AutoCAD, 3D Exported


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Bending machine is a kind of forming precision machine tool that uses the force to force the back and forth reciprocating motion of the slider along the frame rail to bend the horizontally positioned workpiece into the desired section shape. With the increasing requirements of complex precision bending process, labor costs and labor requirements for the work environment, electric bending machine with fast response time, intelligence and networking, energy saving and environmental protection features become the development trend. Some special industries process sheet metal parts of larger size, thicker plates and high precision requirements, the development of bending machines put forward more demanding requirements, not only must have a strong bending pressure, but also must have superior multi-axis synchronization performance. China’s research with independent intellectual property rights synchronization control system and key technology is essential for the development of a new generation of all-electric bending machine industry with China’s independent intellectual property rights to lay a solid foundation.
Two-dimensional bending machine mechanism design is mainly through the reducer to control the motor speed, the motor and the active shaft through the belt to connect, the active shaft and the driven shaft between the gear connection. A linkage mechanism is used between the driven shaft and the slider. The main functions achieved in this project are automatic feeding, straightening and wire bending action. The main structure of the 2D bending machine is composed of bending unit, straightening unit, transmission unit and reducer unit.

Specification: Steel Wire Bending Machine AutoCAD, 3D Exported

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Steel Wire Bending Machine AutoCAD, 3D Exported
Steel Wire Bending Machine AutoCAD, 3D Exported
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