Waste Sorting Equipment SolidWorks


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Garbage is a waste item that has lost its use value and cannot be used, and is an important part of the material cycle. It is solid and fluid material that is not needed or useless. In large, densely populated cities, waste disposal is a headache. The common practice is to collect and send it to landfills for disposal or to incinerate it in incinerators. Both create environmental problems, and ending overconsumption can further reduce landfill saturation. Waste disposal in landfills not only contaminates groundwater and emits odors, but many cities are running out of landfill space. Incineration inevitably produces toxic gases that harm living organisms. Most cities are looking at ways to reduce waste generation and encourage recycling.
Waste separation is an inevitable choice to achieve reduction, quality and efficiency, and is an important measure to improve the living environment, promote fine urban management and guarantee sustainable development. The ability to separate garbage directly reflects the ecological literacy and civilization of a person or even a city.

Specification: Waste Sorting Equipment SolidWorks

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Waste Sorting Equipment SolidWorks
Waste Sorting Equipment SolidWorks
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