Woodworking Cold Press SolidWorks, 3D Exported


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I. Introduction of cold press
1 Machine components: hydraulic system, electrical control system, platen balancing mechanism, platen and machine body. The machine body is made of profile and plate steel welding, compact structure and good strength.
1、 Oil pressure system: It consists of oil cylinder, oil tank, oil pump, oil pump motor, control valve block and pressure gauge. The oil tank is equipped with oil, and the oil pump is driven by the oil pump motor to realize pumping oil, and the oil is sent to the cylinder through the connecting oil pipe in order to make the cylinder work. The relief valve controls the hydraulic system to reach the pressure and plays the role of a safety valve to prevent the system from passing the load; the one-way throttle valve can make the pressed parts produce back pressure in the extrusion process and play a smooth role, the electromagnetic ball valve is used to maintain the pressure set by the system, and the pressure gauge is used to display the pressure size.
2, electrical control system: mainly by the main circuit and control circuit, the circuit uses automatic circuit breakers, fuses, AC contactors on the machine tool motor, solenoid valve and other implementation of overload, short circuit, loss of voltage and undervoltage protection.
3, the platen balance mechanism: mainly by the balance of the lifting rack, lifting gear, rotation axis, fixed rotation bearings. The left and right two balance racks are mounted on the body, the rotation shaft is fixed with lifting gears at both ends, and the rotation shaft is equipped with bearings at both ends so that the rotation shaft can rotate flexibly. When the platen is lifted, the lifting gears are not engaged in the rotation of the balance rack, so that the platen is always balanced during the lifting process.
4、 Pressure plate part: it is composed of upper and lower pressure plate, the upper and lower pressure plate are welded by profiles and steel plates, the working plane is finely processed by large gantry milling machine to ensure the working plane is flat and smooth, the upper pressure plate is connected with the cylinder rod, the lifting of the cylinder realizes the lifting of the pressure plate, the lower pressure plate is directly welded on the base of the machine body, which makes the whole machine structure tight.

Specification: Woodworking Cold Press SolidWorks, 3D Exported

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Woodworking Cold Press SolidWorks, 3D Exported
Woodworking Cold Press SolidWorks, 3D Exported
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